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Remote queuing

A free smartphone application for remote queuing.

What makes waiting lines so frustrating, is the anxiety, anticipation and fixed locations.
By offering more precise information, reminding a person of their turn and giving the option of roaming around freely, you are directly 
improving your customer service.






A NEW  & UNIQUE platform that enables media to be delivered to a smartphone or tablet

through sound.  


No technology to date has enabled media delivery based on a consumer standing in front of a shelf,televisionradio or at a concert.


The patent pending technology enables the communication of data in the ultra high-frequency inaudible range between any speaker and microphone. The decoding algorithm enables a common process for extracting data from audio using any microphone on any smartphone or tablet.


It is a unique type of advertising and also a way to communicate with more people…

Whant to See the MAGIC; 

Call mas-ad! and we can prepare a demonstration for you 










e=paper with price change



NEW- can  change the price day by day and  keep continuously use


What is the key point you concerned when you step into a shop;






What would be more attractive for you when you stepped into the market;


Items with price information;

Items with ads;

Items with animated ads;





Yes, everything is concerned for price. 

That is the big concern, clients need to know it.











Virtual Hostes 

see our videos in mas-ad! Channel


Ambient Advertising 

was coined as a term in the early 90s when clients started asking their agencies to do “something a little different” for them. So instead of the usual outdoor billboards, print and television ads, they started to place ads on unusual items or unusual places. 

Ambient advertising 

is about placing ads on unusual items or in unusual places you wouldn’t normally see an ad. An ambient ad doesn’t have to be placed outside. Ambient advertising can be found anywhere and everywhere! The key to a successful ambient media campaign is to choose the best media format available and combined with effective message.  




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